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A Winter in Korea, Day 2 – Christmas Day Trip to Pyeongchang

It was our second full day in Korea and Matt, my friend and host, had the day off from work. I know that our next holy holiday is almost upon as I write this in April but it happened on Christmas, but you already know my excuses if you’ve been following along: school, work.

Well, anyway, in all my research for this trip, I really wanted to do one thing: ice fishing! And since there was only one ice fishing festival happening while we were there, Pyeongchang Trout Festival it was.

Oh, it’s also home to our next winter Olympic Games! Awkwardly enough, I had mistaken Sochi to be in Korea for the longest time until only a few days after they begun. Well, Sochi sounds Korean in my defense…

Moving on… so, we took the bus from Dong Seoul Bus Terminal to Jinbu. I couldn’t really find much in English, but ask a helpful, friendly employee to get you in the right place. We found that may speak English but may not always respond in English. There are several buses a day that depart to Jinbu, which is about a 7 minute walk to the festival location along the stream. I want to say the bus ticket was under $20 per person, maybe even under $15.

Christmas ice fishing in Pyeongchang after the jump >>


I Ate a Cow in Los Angeles: KBBQ Lunch – Food Porn Quicky

Moodaepo II – Oh, Los Angeles, how you tease me with your good food. Last month, during my last-minute trip to LA, I hung out with old friends, David and Jamie. David suggested KBBQ (Korean barbecue), and I didn’t argue.

There are several buffet options to choose from… we got the cheapest one with the short ribs. Uh, because you do not get KBBQ without short ribs. It was pretty good – not awesome.

We all ate one cow each and then some (spicy, spicy octopus and some shrimp). It was easy when you can place another order of goods by a push of a button (literally! you can ring a bell to call the server). Beware, they charge if you don’t finish.

The shrimp and the short ribs were the best. Chicken wasn’t bad either, but I don’t think I’d waste time on much else aside from that… well, maybe the steamed egg to add some balance.

Lunch – chill, bright atmosphere in downtown LA.

Dinner* – disco ball, flashy lights, a dj, clubbing in Los Angeeeeeles.

*That’s what I was told and shown by the decorations subtly placed throughout the restaurant.

I did not eat again until about 9.30pm that day, and that was only because we are in LA and I had to eat more good food!