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Food Tours, Raspberry Shakes, Kayaks, BBQ, Caving — Our Bear Lake Weekend Itinerary

I know. I know. It may be a sickness. Anyone that travels with me will tell you the same (although some may be a bit more discreet in their wording). Yes. I am… a planner. Theresa may still have the spreadsheet I created for our two-week Japan stint.

Ever since the Beehive Cheese Co. tour Heather and I took, I wanted to go to Logan and do more food factory tours. There’s a whole slew of food factories in Logan and Cache Valley. In fact, there’s a listing of places for the complete Cache Valley food tour.

It didn’t take too much convincing, but I was able to grab a good group of friends and hit a few factories. Oh, then we also hit up Bear Lake and the Minnetonka Cave. Beware my (over)preparedness…

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Best BBQ Ever – Crumb Brothers, Gossner Cheese and Epic Amber Ale Chicken Paninis

It’s summer – barbecue season. Burgers. Hot dogs. Ugh. Tired! I wanted something nicer, fancier, more to tingle the taste buds.

A bunch of us went to Bear Lake this weekend and barbecued it up for the night we stayed at Harbor Village. After a long day of fun, easy was key. And since we did a few food tours through Logan, we had access to fresh, local-made products. It was probably the best BBQ I’ve ever had before.


Chicken Paninis
Epic Cross Fever Amber Ale marinated chicken breasts spiced with paprika and mesquite spices and grilled on cedar planks — Epic beer purchased straight from the brewery in downtown Salt Lake.
Fresh muenster, garlic jack, provolone and hot pepper cheeses from Gossner Foods in Logan, Utah melted onto garlic and sunflower oat loaves fresh from the Crumb Brothers Bakery also in Logan.

Pesto Pasta Salad — pasta tossed in pesto with pine nuts.

Garlic Bread — garlic spread on fresh baguettes from Crumb Brothers Bakery toasted in the oven.

Bacon-wrapped shrimp skewers with basil — just like they sound, then grilled up on the ‘que.

Grilled (and boiled, in the interest of time) corn with butter and smoked paprika.

Grilled zucchini with garlic butter and paprika, fresh local produce from a farmer’s market in Logan.

Grapes for dessert. Champagne and beer for accompaniment.

Yum. I apologize for not taking more photos… *sad face*