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A Winter in Korea, Day 2 – Christmas Day Trip to Pyeongchang

It was our second full day in Korea and Matt, my friend and host, had the day off from work. I know that our next holy holiday is almost upon as I write this in April but it happened on Christmas, but you already know my excuses if you’ve been following along: school, work.

Well, anyway, in all my research for this trip, I really wanted to do one thing: ice fishing! And since there was only one ice fishing festival happening while we were there, Pyeongchang Trout Festival it was.

Oh, it’s also home to our next winter Olympic Games! Awkwardly enough, I had mistaken Sochi to be in Korea for the longest time until only a few days after they begun. Well, Sochi sounds Korean in my defense…

Moving on… so, we took the bus from Dong Seoul Bus Terminal to Jinbu. I couldn’t really find much in English, but ask a helpful, friendly employee to get you in the right place. We found that may speak English but may not always respond in English. There are several buses a day that depart to Jinbu, which is about a 7 minute walk to the festival location along the stream. I want to say the bus ticket was under $20 per person, maybe even under $15.

Christmas ice fishing in Pyeongchang after the jump >>


Silver Coneheads Ride Tour de Brewtah 2011

A quick trip to Pib’s Exchange during Friday’s lunch break… Rainbow socks. Superhero costumes. Funny ties. Handcuffs. Nothing. Nothing struck a chord. No inspiration.

A run-in with Skylar… Silver. Coneheads. 10:30am. Done.

It was decided. We were going to go all out silver and have cone heads. What were we? Silver people with cone heads. No specificity. No exact definitions.

After a night at the DI (the local go-to thrift shop), an alarm-woken morning, a scramble to the hardware store, and a few hours of glistening silver to our clothes and bodies – we were finally ready to pursue our heart’s desire on the delightfully sunny Saturday it turned out to be… BEER! We were finally ready to head down to the Tour de Brewtah (late as we had planned on being there).

Our bike ride through Tour de Brewtah >>

So Many Beers – Our Denver Booze Tour Weekend

Just how many beers can you drink in two days?

Well, there’s no better place to find out than in Denver! My friend, Yuko and I went down for Easter weekend to hit up as many breweries as we could in two days. Our verdict? Approximately 30+/- different types of beers we downed in two days. Never mind any sort of buzz we may have absorbed, we were so full, we hardly had any real meals.

Oh yes. Definitely. This adventure comes with photos. Read on!

Our beer adventure after the jump >>