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Itinerary Day Seven in Belize: Waterfall Cave Adventures


There was no doubt we needed some beach time before leaving Central America. Of course, that meant we only had one last adventure before our vacation was over. Which to pick, which to pick – Black Hole Drop or Waterfall Cave?

Runa and I spoke to several groups at our lodging about which they preferred. Both adventures were highly praised as favorites, but the Black Hole Drop seemed like a steep hike following by just a rappel. So, we opted for the waterfalls – I love the water anyway, especially in this humid, hot heat. Bam, done.

Waterfall climbing, cave hiking and rock-top dining, after the jump>>


Itinerary Day Six in Belize: A Day at Caves Branch

For ease and lack of time, my friends and I settled on Caves Branch – nine days in the jungle!!


Many families and couples that we spoke to at the lodge told us that they had split their time between the jungle and the beach during their time in Belize. I planned this trip in the middle of working the Sundance Film Festival and didn’t think that far ahead. I even had to Skype with Runa in London during our taping of the Daily Buzz to grab her credit card info.

Needless to say, we didn’t regret one moment of our trip. Although next time, beach time would have to be a definite agenda item.

Anyway, on the day that Alex left for home (so he could get back to school), Runa and I stayed on campus.

Hang out at Caves Branch with us in photos after the jump >>

Itinerary Day Five in Belize: Mayans Ruins in Tikal, Guatemala


There’s nothing like getting a double stamp in your passport on a monumental anniversary of birth. My friends and I woke up at the incredible hour of 5:00AM to commiserate with another family of tourists for our long shuttle ride into Guatemala. Tikal National Park – here we come.

Photos of our trip to Tikal National Park >>

Philadelphian Cheesesteaks – Sandy, Utah Food Porn Quicky

Nom, nom, nom. It’s the best way to describe this food after walking around a trade show for hours and not having any sustenance. From Downtown Salt Lake to far, far away south in Sandy – Bryce drove us down to the Philadelphian for dinner after browsing OR. It was decided.

Quick verdict? Huge, filling cheesesteaks for cheap. It’s a dive-y joint but I like it. Not mind-blowing, but a good choice for a cheap, greasy hunger pain cure.

Before Once on Broadway is a Kyotofu Dinner – Food Porn Quicky

For my trip to NYC, my friend grabbed tickets for us ahead of time to see Once (um, Tony award-winning musical this year!!). It was New York! I had to see a show (or two or three or four, as it turned out). She also recommended Kyotofu for dinner – I didn’t argue.

Curry Rice

Cha Soba Noodles

Yuzu Citrus Tofu Cheesecake

Um, as you can tell, there’s a lot of food there for three people. Let me explain how this dinner went… Our server was fucking awesome. Why? Well, he was also our bartender and catered drinks based on our likes – a virgin margarita (on the house because it was his first virgin creation) and two recommended sake cocktails (I forget what they were…). Oh, it was also happy hour. He also gave us all the kitchen and bar mistakes. This meant – three shots of different sakes, onigiri and the cheesecake. Yeah, definitely going back next time in NYC.

Best first night in NYC dinner ever. And the show? It was good too; it definitely made more sense after I saw the movie though. WAHOOO first night in NYC; what a way to start it off.

Friends Gather at Baco Mercat – Food Porn Quicky

Spanish tapas! Old friends! Homemade sodas! Nice weather! It was a fantastic way to enjoy the evening for dinner in Los Angeles with a few pals I hadn’t seen in months. A relatively new restaurant (from what I heard around and about my circles), Baco Mercat was definitely part of the re-emerging Downtown LA scene. I mean, it’s just a few minutes to “skid row” as my company CFO warned me…

Our Baco Mercat dinner in photos after the jump >>

Comforting Home(y)room Mac + Cheese

A couple months ago, I visited my friend Adrian and his girlfriend Naomi, out in Oakland. It was a beautiful day so we decided to walk up to 40th Street in Oakland for lunch – Homeroom. A fresh, airy joint specializing in mac and cheese… mmm.

Mac and lots of cheese after the jump >>