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A Winter in Korea, Day 2 – Christmas Day Trip to Pyeongchang

It was our second full day in Korea and Matt, my friend and host, had the day off from work. I know that our next holy holiday is almost upon as I write this in April but it happened on Christmas, but you already know my excuses if you’ve been following along: school, work.

Well, anyway, in all my research for this trip, I really wanted to do one thing: ice fishing! And since there was only one ice fishing festival happening while we were there, Pyeongchang Trout Festival it was.

Oh, it’s also home to our next winter Olympic Games! Awkwardly enough, I had mistaken Sochi to be in Korea for the longest time until only a few days after they begun. Well, Sochi sounds Korean in my defense…

Moving on… so, we took the bus from Dong Seoul Bus Terminal to Jinbu. I couldn’t really find much in English, but ask a helpful, friendly employee to get you in the right place. We found that may speak English but may not always respond in English. There are several buses a day that depart to Jinbu, which is about a 7 minute walk to the festival location along the stream. I want to say the bus ticket was under $20 per person, maybe even under $15.

Christmas ice fishing in Pyeongchang after the jump >>


A Korean Winter Vacation, Day 1 – Seoul

Taiwan, Taiwan, Taiwan… I’ve been there many times over the years of my life. So, I decided I needed a getaway trip while I was on the other side of the country. What better place to go then a place with friends? Hello, freezing-ass cold Korea!


Well, after we got in, we took the bus and headed up to my friend Matt’s house. Then, got some dinner!

The next day, we started off on our own….

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Gingerbread Men Invade – Food Porn Quicky

Gingerbread men overtook my counter yesterday. Okay, Already Been Chewed gingerbread men…. Thanks Martha Stewart – recipe is taken from her Martha Stewart Baking Handbook. Royal Icing also a la Martha.

Christmas Ideas – Hot Chocolate on a Stick

This year, for Christmas, I had this crazy notion in October (yep, definitely October as I sat on the van floor while we drove South drinking tea in the middle of the night looking for a spot to camp – Dirty Devil adventure) to create special blends of tea for office giving and then some others. But as my mind likes to do, my thoughts rambled on… What if they don’t take caffeine? What if they only like herbal? What if they don’t drink tea at all?

HOT CHOCOLATE! Why not do a custom blended tea in addition to hot chocolate? Well, boy did I ever think I was a creative genius when I thought of hot chocolate on a stick… but no. I googled it and found many, many sites on the topic. Apparently, Oprah named it as one of her favorite things! *If anyone can discover something ingenious, it’s Oprah.

How to make hot chocolate on a stick >>

From Hard Knock Life to Easy Street

Check out my guest blog for Pioneer Theatre Company‘s production of Annie!


It’s got some fantastic (and funny) stories from the cast about how they struggled to the Pioneer Theatre Company “Easy Street” stage.

Go Green: Sew Your Own Cultery/Flatware/Silverware/Utensil Kit

It’s that time… last-minute shopping. Gifts for the neighbor. Gifts for the best of friends. Gifts for the forgotten. Gifts for the office. Duhn duhn duhnnnnn!

Since joining up in the Salt Lake office, I’ve tried to get our crew to go green as much as possible. Finagling approval for a recycle service, bringing in my own silverware, using Tupperware for my sack lunch or playful scoldings when the folks don’t recycle… yeah, I do what I can… ha!

Well, it’s become very influential… my green. Their envy. Get it? Green. Envy. Ha. I’m on a roll. Most of them try to reuse their plastic utensils and we each have our own water bottle. Anyway, that is where I got my office gift idea – silverware kits for each of the office folk.

I needed to move fast though. It was slim pickin’s online for silverware kits. I wanted actual silverware, not the (I know, I know… greener) bamboo utensils such as the To-Go Ware kits.

To-Go Ware CONSERVE Utensil Set

The bamboo utensils are just clunky, not as easy to use… There were a few on EtsyBlackberry Prairie, Stitchmates, FashionRemixTeam and TheStraightStitch to name a few. But time and frugality led me away from buying online.

Rather, I came upon Simple Savvy’s tutorial to make my own utensil set! It seemed easy enough. Right? I hope it seemed easy enough…

How to Sew Your Own Kit after the jump >>

Homemade Fried Spiral Potatoes (Tornado Fries)

Occasionally (although it may be weird), I like to go through my favorite food blogs when I eat. I came upon Seasaltwithfood‘s blog about spiral potatoes during lunch one day and was inspired for dinner. I had fond memories when I first experienced them in Taipei.

Spiral Potatoes in Danshui, Taipei

Friday, the (unsaid) sanctioned day for plans… I’m proud to announce, my friend Heather and I had some good ones. Staying green, Heather grabbed me from work for some thrifty home-cooked eatin’. Seeing the blog earlier that day, I suggested we make the potatoes. Brilliant (if I do say so myself).

Our spiral potato experience after the jump >>