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Salt Lake City Comic-Con 2013

Hot-diggity. Salt Lake! Who knew the number of geeks living in Utah? Earlier this month, Dan Farr Productions helped put on one of the most surprising turnouts of the year.

Over 50,000 tickets sold and numbers that hit 70,000 to 80,000 patrons is what the first Salt Lake Comic Convention pulled in. Ridiculous right? And now, there’s talks about another comic related event from Dan Farr Productions just before Sundance hits? Too much?

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View Video of the Home-Made Retractable Wolverine / X-23 Claws Shooting Out

Video of home-made retractable Wolverine / X-23 Claws shooting out by heading over to my mirror Tumblr site. Learn how to make these claws in the previous post: How to Make Retractable Wolverine / X-23 Claws.

How to Make Retractable Wolverine / X-23 Claws

Halloween. One week away.

I asked my friend Heather to pick something from the Marvel Universe — someone female, black or dark hair, something easy. Oh! And someone that did not have a super tight outfit. Nope, I am not that confident… nowhere near that confident to pull off that look. Plus, I am a creature of comfort… If I’m going to a party to drink and eat, I need extra room to grow.

Five minutes after linking Heather with the Marvel Women, she found X-23. Black hair. Younger gal… seemingly not too tall, normal clothes **translation: not too tight**. Done.

I could pull off the pants, owned a black tank top and already had the black hair. But, how could I pull of the claws?

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