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Walk Through Walls! Do It.

Katie Herzig

So, let me take a break from my Korea trip (erm, that happened like 4 months ago) and give props to Katie Herzig. See a video from tonight’s concert!

Katie Herzig at the Urban Lounge, SLC

And also see the cool music video for this song, one of my favorites:

Nonchalant, kooky, awesome – I think those are the words I’d use to describe her. All in a very positive complimentary manner, of course.

Katie Herzig - SLC Concert

And whoa… I just realized she has really good teeth! Zoom camera, ya’ know… it’s wondrous.

Okay, it’s past my bedtime, but I really just wanted to show off her stuff and say, go check her out! She’s on tour!!

Katie Herzig - Walk Through Walls 2014 Tour


P.S.: Are you wondering how you know her? She’s been featured in a few commercials and movie trailers. Read her wiki for more info. Now, are you wondering why I know her? Why, Missy Higgins, of course! Some sort of article, some sort of collaboration, that sort of thing that tied her with Missy. Of course. You all know how much I love Missy Higgins, eh?


Emily Wells ‘dancing for Stoker

Sorry, it’s been a while since I’ve posted. I blame Sundance – sleepless nights and work a plenty. But, of course, never too sleepy or busy to catch Emily Wells at least once…

See more Emily Wells and hear the new song >>

Loops with Emily Wells – Kilby Court

Emily Wells played Kilby Court last night! It. Was. Awesome.

Local band, Daisy and the Moonshines opened it up for Emily and Dark, Dark, Dark. If you’ve never seen Emily play live – it’s something you cannot miss. Just ask Jeremy, my friend who I completely guilted into not flaking out. I don’t care if you just worked after having to babysit drunkards all last night! Yep, that’s what I said to him… well, okay, not exactly. But hey, guilt works.

More Emily Wells after the jump >>

Gloriana at the Labor Day Music Festival – Salt Lake!

Gloriana played the Labor Day Music Festival this year at the Gallivan Center, downtown Salt Lake.

None of my friends knew who they were… *sigh* but I managed to find a couple to bear some country with me! And, of course, they were the very last band to go on stage. I guess they were the most popular? And, apparently, Love and Theft was also decently well-known. I felt like the other bands were all locals. See more photos at my Tumblr.

The festival bad, but these need definite improvements:

  • number of food vendors
  • better merchandise – ugly…probably why no one bought it and they were trying to sell it off at discounted prices in the end
  • more information on their website – like… a schedule? what to expect? etc.
  • better signage for the entrances/exits

Here’s hoping for next year…

A Charitable UHH Halloween in Photos

Uh Huh Her toured out to Salt Lake City again this year – charitably this time. You may have seen those “I love boobies” bracelets and other swaggy gear – all that and more was much-a-present at the Urban Lounge, October 30, 2011 for the Keep A Breast tour with UHH and featuring Jarrod Gorbel.

Oh, I’m sure it never hurts to do a bit of cross-promotion since UHH just released an album as well – Nocturnes.

Uh Huh Her in Salt Lake City after the jump >>

Sheila E. and the E Family: 2011 Salt Lake City International Jazz Festival

For anyone who did not see Sheila E. and the E Family this past Friday at the Salt Lake City International Jazz Festival, you missed some wicked percussion jamming. There is never any disappointment whenever  I see the Escovedos perform.

Smashing entrance. Incredible solos. All-out attitude. And the occasional blast from the past (or as they say, taking it back to Oakland).

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Sheila E. Plays the Salt Lake Jazz Festival Again!

Hey! Sheila E. and the rest of the musical Escovedos are playing the Salt Lake Jazz Festival this Friday. Hell yeah!! You can most definitely see me there – Washington Square at 450 South and 200 East. Come say hello!