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A Korean Winter Vacation, Day 5 – Galbi, Fortresses and Castles.


A trip to Korea cannot be complete without having some delicious galbi (marinated short ribs). And, apparently, Suwon, a city about an hour outside of Seoul, is famous for it! Off on the KTX train we went…


Off the train station, my friend Matt (who used to live in this city many moons ago) directed us towards the fortress that surrounds the city: Hawseong Fortress, a UNESCO venue.


We circled around South Gate, Paldamun, in the middle of the city to situate ourselves into some touring.

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A Korean Winter Vacation, Day 4 – Culture Hopping.

Oh my hell it has been a long time since a post. I blame it on about two months of play and travel, but I’m back! Let’s get back to Korea


Errr, let me see if I can remember…

My friend Matt was working, so my mom and I decided to take in the sights, a bit of culture-hopping if you will. First up, the Changdeokgung Palace near the Anguk Station!

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