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Pallet of SLC – Food Porn Quicky

Pallet! A quick lunch – and a much needed work break – with Heather and Justin led us to Pallet on the last day of Dine-O-Round. The Dine-O-Round sounded lame so we opted for normal menu items. A bit pricey (local-vore though), but YUM! Next time: need to leave room for dessert.

Justin – BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich
kurobuta ham / white cheddar / onion strings

Heather – Pallet Burger
pork & beef patty blend / blue cheese / herbed
aioli / sauteed assorted mushroom / ciabatta bun

Me – Grilled Pancetta Sandwich
braised pear / goat cheese / arugula / balsamic

I love the feel of this place. Close to Pierpont on 400 West… It has this old-time speakeasy/flapper piano bar aura to it. Like an ol’ saloon, almost… inside, at least. Outside, it’s all very low-key. Okay, next time: photos of the restaurant as well.


Tour of Eataly II – Gelato and Market Food Porn

How can you take a trip to Italy Eataly without having some gelato?



Then, of course, a stroll through more food porn market goods.

More Eatal-ian food porn ahead >>

Buena Vista Cafe – Irish Coffees

Before I left for my San Francisco trip over Memorial Day weekend, Trish mentioned the Buena Vista Cafe – best Irish coffees, hands down. She even mentioned a story about her trip to the Jameson distillery (in Ireland!) and how the bartender there asked her to compare a true Irish-served Irish coffee with that of Buena Vista’s. Trish said Buena Vista was better. So, I dragged Theresa with me onto the F train. We walked up to the cafe after a leisurely stroll through Fisherman’s Wharf for clam chowder (of course).

The verdict? It was good, but I don’t have much to compare from past experiences. At $9 a cup with all that hype, I would have been extremely disappointed if it wasn’t at least good though.

However, I think a trip to Jameson’s is needed. Theresa – let’s go!