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Emily Wells ‘dancing for Stoker

Sorry, it’s been a while since I’ve posted. I blame Sundance – sleepless nights and work a plenty. But, of course, never too sleepy or busy to catch Emily Wells at least once…

See more Emily Wells and hear the new song >>


Bran Nue Dae in Theatres Todae! Erm… Today!!

Bran Nue Dae is finally playing in the United States! Woot woot. Opening September 10, you can find it in these select American cities:

Then on September 17th, it opens in a few more cities:

And the last of the cities scheduled open on September 24th:

Unfortunately, it does not hit Salt Lake City — at least not yet. C’mon Freestyle Releasing!! Bring it to Utah!! I have been waiting forever to seeeeeeeeeeeee it.

Watch Bran Nue Dae in Theatres Next Month!

It’s been well over a year (or so it feels) since Bran Nue Dae came to Sundance. Now, it’s finally getting released in the United States! September 10th, baby!! Erm, I hope that means Utah, too… sometimes I feel like Utah is excluded. *sniff*

What the crap is Bran Nue Dae and why the hell am I so PSYCHED, you ask!? Check it out for yourself at their official site: Bran Nue Dae. In short, it’s a musical about a young man running away. No, not boring! On top of its incredibleness, the film has top notch musicians to its credit… Jessica Mauboy and Missy Higgins. Both huge ARIA winners and chart-toppers…

Okay, okay, they are definitely more famous in Australia than here in the States. But, I’m telling you… They. Are. AWESOME! It’s also has actor Geoffrey Rush‘s name to boast. Watch a short clip with Jessica Mauboy to get your excitement pumping! Or watch the trailer for the full-on rager.