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Engaging at Forage – Once Again…


My friends Michael and Runa recently got married in New York. However, before they did so, they came to Utah to see family and… of course…. dine at Forage. Here’s a quick recap of the night…

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Forage (Before It’s Gone) – Food Porn Quicky

Before friends move, I strongly believe we should Forage together. At least, that’s what we did before my buddies Tiffany and Rick made the venture up to Seattle.

Last meal, before moving day….

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Another Fine Forage – Food Porn Quicky with Mom

Another fine dinner at Forage – with mom, this time around. It was a late, late mother’s day dinner… because I was off gallivanting around the East Coast during the real deal.

On with the (food) porn! Yeesh, I feel so dirty saying typing that…

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Foraging for a Utah Dining Experience

Another Sundance Film Festival down – always a busy but enjoyable time. It’s always hard to find really great food during the fest… especially when you are working and partying simultaneously for hours on end with no sleep.

Well, I think Forage is always impressive to the likes of big city out-of-towners. So after hyping up Forage to my new foodie friend, she booked reservations and sent me this note:

Ok – so I booked a table at Forage for Thursday night at 8.15pm. After you talked me into it – you better make time to eat with us that night!

We ended up getting earlier reservations, but anyhoo – here’s the rundown of our meal that night. A Sundance escape… as my co-diners mentioned in the restaurant, “I don’t even feel like I’m in Utah right now.”

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After Thanksgiving Special at Forage

What better way than to celebrate a giant Thanksgiving meal than another incredibly delicious meal at Forage? Our menu for the night…

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Forage – Salt Lake City, Utah

Okay, try as I might to come up with a clever title for this blog… I just couldn’t think of anything witty enough. At least… nothing to do Forage any justice with the ample amount of respect attached.

Chefs Viet Pham and Bowman Brown have recently been acclaimed one of Food and Wine magazine’s Best New Chefs 2011. It’s rare we ever see this sort of national praise from a Utah establishment. So, well… we had to try.

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