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A Drunken Holiday Party – Wine Pairing Dinner

What’s a better way to start the four-day Thanksgiving weekend than awesome friends, wine, food and… more wine!?

Call it “holiday spirit,” “Thanks-eve,” or just a good ol’ excuse for celebration — A couple of weeks ago, while prancing about town, Alex and I decided we should do a wine pairing dinner with a few close friends. We split six of us into groups of two to take on a type of wine (red, white, sparkling/dessert) and pair it with at least 2-3 food items. It turned into quite the memorable (or not so memorable to some of us in our drunken stupor) event.

Photos and rundown of our wine pairing dinner >>


Franck’s Restaurant in Cottonwood Heights, UT — Food Porn Quicky

A few days ago, a couple of friends and I went down to Franck’s for dinner. I always have to prepare myself for a meal at Franck’s. The reason? It’s an awesome meal where I always end up eating too much. You also fill up even faster when the chefs in the kitchen are sending over incredible apps your way — one of the benefits of having worked there before…

As the Best of State winner for French dining and overall chef, my friend, Irene, insisted we visit for my (very belated) birthday dinner. Chef Franck Piessel changes his menu everyday, but the food is amazing every single day. I apologize ahead for not remembering every luscious detail to the wording of each dish — I’ll try my best though!

See what we ate at Franck’s after the jump >>