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TORC 8: “Set Me On Fire” – Missy Higgins

Track on Repeat Craze #8: Missy HigginsSet Me On Fire / The Ol’ Razzle Dazzle album.

It’s been TWO YEARS! TWO. Years! … since Missy released a new album. TWO LONG YEARS! More than that! Well, anyway, as you can tell, I wanted to hear it immediately – yay Missy Higgins SoundCloud.

Set Me On Fire” was recently released as Missy‘s second single from her third album, The Ol’ Razzle Dazzle… in Australia. Oh hey, there’s also a video that came out fresh with it:

Her first single… in Australia: Unashamed Desire.

In the US, “Hello, Hello” was released as her first single a little bit ago.

There’s definitely a difference in this third album, produced by also-Australian, also-awesome musician Butterfly Boucher and not-Australian, but also notable Brad Jones. Actually, Butterfly Boucher also has a version of “Unashamed Desire” on her new album.

So, to me, there’s an underlying sadness about Missy’s album. Okay, okay, true… all of Missy’s music is strongly heart-felt and deeply emotional, but there’s something different about this one. I could roll up in a ball rocking back and forth in a dark corner of a room somewhere and just play this album whispering the lyrics quietly to myself…. but, it’s okay. ‘Cause, hey, isn’t good music supposed to do that? I also find a sense of maturity in this new album… growth, perhaps… or maybe age. My friend and I were just talking about our achy joints today – that kind of age. With age comes wisdom? All right, now, I’m just rambling…

Spinning in the 6-disc player:

1. Diana VickersSongs From a Tainted Cherry Tree
2. GlorianaGloriana
3. Sandi ThomSmile… It Confuses People
4. Missy HigginsThe Sound of White
5. The Band PerryThe Band Perry
6. Uh Huh HerNocturnes

I need to get the that Ol’ Razzle Dazzle (album)… yes, a physical CD of it. I’m old school like that… or maybe just old. Aw man, this post is so depressing… [[fin]]


Gloriana at the Labor Day Music Festival – Salt Lake!

Gloriana played the Labor Day Music Festival this year at the Gallivan Center, downtown Salt Lake.

None of my friends knew who they were… *sigh* but I managed to find a couple to bear some country with me! And, of course, they were the very last band to go on stage. I guess they were the most popular? And, apparently, Love and Theft was also decently well-known. I felt like the other bands were all locals. See more photos at my Tumblr.

The festival bad, but these need definite improvements:

  • number of food vendors
  • better merchandise – ugly…probably why no one bought it and they were trying to sell it off at discounted prices in the end
  • more information on their website – like… a schedule? what to expect? etc.
  • better signage for the entrances/exits

Here’s hoping for next year…

TORC 6: “I’m In [Lalalalalalalalalalalala] Love” – Meiko

Track on Repeat Craze #6: Meiko – I’m In Love / I’m In Love EP.

Okay, so I’m not really sure where you can buy Meiko’s new EP, I’m In Love. It just came out! I received mine through her pledgemusic.com campaign. And her album, The Bright Side, does not seem to be set for release until Spring 2012. So, enjoy the video below! WAIT!!

Beware – it is catchy.

Okay, you’ve been warned. Continue to hit play.

Lalalalalalalalalalala… lalalalala.. lalala.

And while you try and get the lalas out of your head, here’s a bit of assistance. Maybe. Perhaps?

Spinning in the 6-disc player:

1. Lenka – Two
2. Meiko – composite CD of Meiko and I’m in Love EP
3. Sandi ThomThe Pink and the Lily
4. Missy HigginsThe Sound of White
5. GlorianaGloriana
6. Uh Huh HerNocturnes

Lalalalalalalalalalala… lalalalala.. lalala.

Still have it stuck in your head like I do? And apparently other fans? Well, here’s another suggestion… straight from Meiko herself.

Another thing that rocks about Meiko? She has a hilarious blog. It’s like a floating bubble that all of a sudden pops with hilarity – but in a blog post. Check it out if you ever need a giggle! http://www.meikomusic.com

Lalalalalalalalalalala… lalalalala.. lalala.