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‘SUP California?! Stand-up Paddleboard at Sunset Beach

A couple… no wait, it’s definitely been a few…. months ago, I sort of forced Brooke to join me on the water.

We don’t have an ocean in Utah! Total guilt trip card.

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Boiling Point – Taiwanese Hot Pot Dining

As with any trip to the Los Angeles area, I always make my friend, Brooke, dine with me. Utah is limited in its culturally diverse dining… So, based on recommendations, I forced Brooke (mostly by guilt) to bear the waitlist at Boiling PointGardena location.

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Loops with Emily Wells – Kilby Court

Emily Wells played Kilby Court last night! It. Was. Awesome.

Local band, Daisy and the Moonshines opened it up for Emily and Dark, Dark, Dark. If you’ve never seen Emily play live – it’s something you cannot miss. Just ask Jeremy, my friend who I completely guilted into not flaking out. I don’t care if you just worked after having to babysit drunkards all last night! Yep, that’s what I said to him… well, okay, not exactly. But hey, guilt works.

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The Okonomiyaki Experience – Gaja in Lomita, CA

Last month when I was in LA, I went with an old high school friend and her husband to gorge on KBBQ. And about 8 hours later, an old friend from college took me to gorge on okonomiyaki (some call it a healthy Japanese cabbage pancake, er… yeah) and beer at Gaja. This is that latter pig-out in photos. Ugh, I must’ve gained 30 pounds that day but I want to go back immediately! Aiyah.

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I Ate a Cow in Los Angeles: KBBQ Lunch – Food Porn Quicky

Moodaepo II – Oh, Los Angeles, how you tease me with your good food. Last month, during my last-minute trip to LA, I hung out with old friends, David and Jamie. David suggested KBBQ (Korean barbecue), and I didn’t argue.

There are several buffet options to choose from… we got the cheapest one with the short ribs. Uh, because you do not get KBBQ without short ribs. It was pretty good – not awesome.

We all ate one cow each and then some (spicy, spicy octopus and some shrimp). It was easy when you can place another order of goods by a push of a button (literally! you can ring a bell to call the server). Beware, they charge if you don’t finish.

The shrimp and the short ribs were the best. Chicken wasn’t bad either, but I don’t think I’d waste time on much else aside from that… well, maybe the steamed egg to add some balance.

Lunch – chill, bright atmosphere in downtown LA.

Dinner* – disco ball, flashy lights, a dj, clubbing in Los Angeeeeeles.

*That’s what I was told and shown by the decorations subtly placed throughout the restaurant.

I did not eat again until about 9.30pm that day, and that was only because we are in LA and I had to eat more good food!

Torihei Yakitori Robata-Ya – Another (Sorta) Izakaya Food Porn Quicky

Okay, I love izakayas and wish we had one in Salt Lake. Yes, I know. I will keep dreaming. Anyway, on a recent trip to LA, where else would I go but to a recommended izakaya? Ahh, okay, Torihei is labeled a yakitori robata-ya, but it has some izakaya feel? Ugh, I loved that yaki-onigiri. So good. And the yogurt shochu!! Dammit, Salt Lake City! Drool on.

Geek Sew Your Own MP3 Pouch and Belt

My friend Brooke is a total craft nerd. A few weeks ago, I stayed with her while down in Los Angeles for a unexpected work visit. We. Geeked. Out.

Brooke recently helped me with an embroidery project at work. A bit before then, she told me about her latest impulse nerd buy – an embroidery machine complete with the muy expensive software. While I was in LA, she was even taking the accompanying class that came with purchase. Commitment, yo.

Well, after a hard night out on the town, we’d retire back at the house and… EMBROIDER! Alright, I’ll confess: I occasionally geek-out craft nerd style, too.

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