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Sara Bareilles Plays Salt Lake with Holly Conlan and Cary Brothers

Last week Lisa and I headed to In the Venue for the Sara Bareilles concert. Moved from the Avalon Theatre to In the Venue for the insane demand, I can certainly say… It. Was. Packed. I can’t say I’m a fan of In the Venue, but it was high-time for a concert in my book.

It certainly does not help that I am not tall. It most certainly did not help that the girls in front of me were an unusual 6′ in height (I may exaggerate… but only by the slightest of inches). It also certainly does not help that Sara isn’t tall (yes, taller than I am, but no Mariah). Sad!

Peering through the occasional gaps popping up between the crowds (when people weren’t moving all the time!) while straining on my tippy-toes, I… well… read on.

Holly Conlan – a lovely musical surprise. I’m loving her stuff.

Cary Brothers – always a humorous delight. The musical happenstance of his first song on TV: funny forever.

And Sara? Fucking hilarious and a grand entertainer. She’s witty, she’s gracious, she’s brilliant, she’s talented, she’s down-to-earth — It’s hard not to love her even more.

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Merry Christmas II You: Mariah’s Second Christmas Album Out TODAY!

Merry Christmas II You -- Mariah Carey

Merry Christmas II YouMariah’s second Christmas album comes out today! It may be over sixteen years since the first CD of holiday tunes came out, but she still has it.

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Ahhh! Words Cannot Express

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! (words cannot express my emotions right now)