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Go Back in Time at Salt Lake City’s Speakeasy, Bodega

Ever since a trip to New York, my friend got me hooked on speakeasies. When there was news that Salt Lake City, itself, had it’s own speakeasy… well, I had to visit.


Bodega is an unassuming hipster taco joint, where “The Rest” is a dimly lit restaurant serving higher end cuisine.

Experience Bodega with us after the jump>>


East Village NYC Noodle Hunt

After sprinting to the East Village, Cat and I arrived at Ippudo around 1:30pm only to find a two-hour wait ahead of us. The hostess warned us that there was a possibility we might not even get in before they closed. Tears were forming at the corner of my eye. I wasn’t going to have time to come back for ramen before I would leave New York! I needed ramen; there isn’t any deliciousness in Utah!

Well, we were starved and decided to head over to Xi’an Famous Foods for a snack. At the tiny joint with no open seating, we grabbed our “spicy and tingly beef with hand-ripped noodles” and scarfed down at the nearby tree planter box. De-lish… and spicy. And… it was raining. Lovely.

Xi'an Spicy and Tingly Beef with Hand-ripped Noodles

Hopeful, we returned to Ippudo, after grabbing some tapioca drinks, of course, and went to see the hostess again… There just might be a chance of getting in! We waiting patiently, sort of full, but still hungry for ramen. About 10-20 minutes later, we were in! Shiromaru Hakata Classic Ramen bowls for the both of us.

Shiromaru Classic Ramen

I added an onsen tamago.

Onsen tamago with Classic Ramen

No, we were hungry for that much after our snack, but boy, we had no problem finishing our bowls. So. Worth. It.

Kayaking the Hudson – Freebie Fun in NYC

Last month, I went kayaking on the Hudson!


That’s the Hudson River in the Big Apple – New York City, eh. Thanks Downtown Boathouse! This group of volunteers offers free gear, kayaks and light instruction for those wanting to go for a quick paddle in New York City.

Cat and I walked west towards Pier 96 during the pleasant Sunday of Labor Day Weekend and were on the water in less than 10 minutes of arrival.


Upon check-in, the kind Boathouse fella’ had us sign waivers, gave us a locker key for phones and any other things we didn’t want to haul or get wet, then pointed to the PFDs and the kayaks. We stuffed all our stuff in the lockers (hence, the low number of photos), dawned a life jacket and set off on a tandem kayak.


It was a blast. If we had prepared for it, we would’ve brought an extra pair of pants to change into (as did the family who checked-in before us). See those wet marks? That’s how you dry your butts.

Granted, the harbor is an enclosed space. They don’t allow you to take the kayaks out past the buoys since the currents are stronger and there are lots of big boats (we saw one or two cruiseliners). So, a few circles in the harbor and we were ready to head back into the city and try to rush another Broadway Show. We were there about 30-45 minutes?

if you’re in NYC and want to tackle your hand at paddling, this is the perfect way to do it! Free rental, kind volunteers who are there to instruct if needed, and no commitment! Give ‘er a try, but note they do close when weather becomes un-fair. Check their site for hours and more info (they also have kayaking at other locations).

Tour of Eataly II – Gelato and Market Food Porn

How can you take a trip to Italy Eataly without having some gelato?



Then, of course, a stroll through more food porn market goods.

More Eatal-ian food porn ahead >>

Tour of Eataly – Pasta Food Porn

Eataly – aw, man. Fresh pasta (and dry pastas) cooked al dente with… oh, gawd, I can’t go on… I’m getting hungry. I’ll let the photos do the talking.

On our last day in NYC, Michael and I hit up Eataly – market, food, goods, education. We had lunch at the pizza and pasta corner of Eataly, La Pizza & La Pasta. After circling around the entire premises, I settled on fresh pasta. And yes, ever since that moment, I’ve been wanting to get a pasta machine or an attachment for my Kitchenaid. Pros and cons of either? Throw them at me!



Yakitori Totto, NYC – Food Porn with Diversity

A change of pace… throwing in some diversified food porn! I’m going to go all Disney up in ‘ere. Hahahahaha. Erm… Okay… I’ll stop.


While browsing through Cat’s photos this morning, I remembered that I hadn’t posted much of my NYC eats. Here’s one of a few to start us off: Yakitori Totto. I ran away from work to grab lunch up on 55th Street. There’s also a Totto Ramen – next time (as in… next time I’m in NYC, I’ll have to go, not… next time I post, sorry)!

Michael (who else?) and I sat at the bar to see all the action up close!

Salads first with miso, of course. I love that light, refreshing dressing on Japanese salads.

I got the Totto Don: Negima (minced chicken with negi), Wings and Meatballs on a stick with very lightly poached egg over rice.

And he – the Karubi Don: Galbi, or uh カルビ (Korean-style short rib) on three sticks with very lightly poached egg over rice.

I also had a drinkFresh Shochu Cocktail, orange, if I remember correctly. Yep, went right back to work after this lunch – walked in the rain, went down through the subway and everything.

Oy vey! I need to stop doing these food porn posts so late at night. I’m hungry. And there’s nothing like this in Utah, crap, dammit.

Lam Zhou Hand-Pulled Noodles – Food Porn Quicky

Lam Zhou hand-pulled noodles in New York. I love noodles! I love hand-pulled noodles! And I totally want to learn… how to pull noodles. *mimics hand-pulled noodling gesture*

It’s a total hole-in-the-wall that’s sort of become infamous (at least, it seems that way). Verdict – cheap, awesome noodles. The soup and stuff are average but the noodles are great – very “QQ.” Can’t beat that for five bucks in NYC! Awesome lunch in Chinatown.