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Homemade Pasta – Food Porn Quicky

homemade pasta

homemade pasta

homemade pasta

Homemade pasta a la Kelsey. This was a while ago…. but it was just her 30th birthday! Wahoo.


Ghosts of Christmas… Cast

A Christmas Carol - Pioneer Theatre Company. Gerry McIntyre (Ghost of Christmas Present) and Jamie Jackson (Scrooge). Photo by Alexander Weisman.

A Christmas Carol – Gerry McIntyre (Ghost of Christmas Present) and Jamie Jackson (Scrooge). Photo by Alexander Weisman.

I don’t think I ever knew that A Christmas Carol came as a musical. Then again, if you had asked me which film I saw of A Christmas Carol, I would not be able to tell you that either.

The discovery process of my revelation and a few curious ghost stories from the cast can all be found on the new Pioneer Theatre Company blog I posted.

Check it out here:


Independent Tubing – Provo River on July 4th

Post-dislocated shoulder only allows me to tube the Provo River! Here’s a recap of the event…

Make sure you got your tube.

More on one-arm tubing after the jump >>

Laugh with Me: Personal Laughing Stock Moments from the Cast and Crew

Hey, I’ve got a new guest blog over at the Pioneer Theatre Company‘s website. Hilarious play from artistic direction, Charles MoreyLaughing Stock.


Hear personal horror laughing stock moments from the cast and crew – you know, after I had given them a few times to grab some cocktails.

A Racist View of FIND AND SIGN

Check out my racist guest blog for Pioneer Theatre Company‘s production of Find and Sign!


Stereotype each cast member in their music tastes, judge them by their looks – just as I did and then, go watch the world premiere of Wendy MacLeod‘s new play, Find and Sign before it ends January 28, 2012.

Moo with the Rent Crew at Pioneer Theatre Company

RENT! The musical! Playing at Pioneer Theatre Company now! Go check it out before it closes this weekend!

Okay, so… I am totally a fan of Rachel Moulton. She’s so fucking hilarious! First, in Black Comedy. Now, in Rent.

Her performance in Rent was the perfect angle for the opening night party blog. Get a sneak peak of her performance in Rent plus a few other “behind-the-scenes”-like bonuses at my guest blog for PTC: Moo for Me – Rent Opening Night Party.

Victorian Inspired Tres Leches Sponge Cake

Cinco de Mayo – Booze and chips and desserts. That’s how I like to celebrate. Okay, okay… maybe something more sustainable as well – tacos, taquitos, nachos, anything along that deliciousness. But dessert, that is the most precious…

So, flan and tres leches! Thanks to David Lebovitz, there were recipes in his book, Ready for Dessert: My Best Recipes, for both desserts that I could utilize.

*Butterscotch Flan (or in the closest online variation I found: Chocolate-Dulce de Leche Flan)

*Victorian Sponge Cake (which I could transform into tres leches)

How to adapt a Victoria Sponge Cake for Tres Leches >>