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Itinerary Day Seven in Belize: Waterfall Cave Adventures


There was no doubt we needed some beach time before leaving Central America. Of course, that meant we only had one last adventure before our vacation was over. Which to pick, which to pick – Black Hole Drop or Waterfall Cave?

Runa and I spoke to several groups at our lodging about which they preferred. Both adventures were highly praised as favorites, but the Black Hole Drop seemed like a steep hike following by just a rappel. So, we opted for the waterfalls – I love the water anyway, especially in this humid, hot heat. Bam, done.

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Itinerary Day Four in Belize: Water Caving at Actun Tunichil Muknal


So, by far, this was my favorite excursion while in Belize. And, ugh!! *throws fists in the air* at that tourist who fractured thousands-of-year-old ancientness

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Fall Hiking, Part II – Benign Canyon

Fall hiking is best suited for quick canyon jaunts – especially in our my case (I like to snap lots of photos). So, after getting back much earlier than anticipated from Angel Slot – we chowed down with nothing but nature and friends at our side.

Oh, we also drank lots… you may think that bag is filled with chips…. but you’d be mistaken!

It was filled with chips! And now… empty beer cans.

Well, anyway… with early snacking, we did not finish the cobbler we planned on for dessert (s’mores were more desirable in their chocolate-y goodness and smaller portions).

No fear! That’s why there’s always tomorrow… BREAKFAST!

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Fall Hiking – Dirty Devil, Angel Slot Canyon: Take Two

October – a great time for hiking the Dirty Devil, as we established last year in at Angel Cove and Angel Slot. Well, start the day off first with some breakfast.

Pack your things and off you go!

As I mentioned before, Angel Slot has got to be one of my favorite canyoneering routes so far. It’s short, sweet, fun and exciting. You’re off in the middle of nowhere, about eight miles on a dirt road and smack-dab in the middle of insane canyons. Stick to the roads if you are driving at night as you could be wandering off a cliff at anytime!

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Zion National Park Kicks My Das Boot into Subway

Almost two months ago, I dislocated yet another joint at Zion National Park.

Okay, let me start from the beginning…

It goes like this: last minute lottery permit; decide on Thursday evening to leave Friday after work; set out with friends also willing to be spontaneous; pack up stuff for a couple of technical hikes plus some; get ready for heat and adventure.

Zac grabbed a last minute permit for us to do Das Boot and the famous Subway canyon. Psychedddd – I asked Kent to come since we had a last minute spot. Zac, Lisa, Pat, Kent and myself.

Adventures in the Subway after the jump >>

Dirty Devil Canyoneering, Part II – Angel Slot Canyon

This is probably one of my favorite hikes so far – Angel Slot Canyon near the Dirty Devil area. Fairly easy (but may first be intimidating) rappels that are juicy beefy! True slot canyon squeezes that require some technical maneuvering… Oh and hey, it’s not too long! It’s another 3-4 hour, or in our case… 5-6 hour hike that’s less than 3-4 miles round trip.

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Dirty Devil Canyoneering, Part I – Angel Cove

Fall approaches with rain and cool weather. We found one last hurrah at Dirty Devil – near Hanksville, Utah (and the Robber’s Roost and North Wash canyoneering area).

Our first canyon – Angel Cove! The site is south of Hanksville, off some dirt paths. GPS is greatly helpful out here where dirt roads are king. There are only a few signs and people are fairly scarce in these neck of the… dessert. Here’s a handy route for reference: trimbleoutdoors.com.

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