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Chow Eggs Benedict – Food Porn Quicky

Eggs Benedict from Chow on Church. Eggs Benedict (or eggs bennie as some fans affectionately call it) is just one of those things I love to have at breakfast/brunch/lunch. It’s not that difficult to make, but it sure does take effort. Yum. I love San Francisco – the food is awesome.


Bubble Drinks By Way of Tea Way

Brian had found this so-called tapioca heaven long before I visited during my birthday trip. First day in San Francisco, he took me up to the Richmond area to experience this long awaited bubble journey.

Brian brings the bubble after the jump >>

Comforting Home(y)room Mac + Cheese

A couple months ago, I visited my friend Adrian and his girlfriend Naomi, out in Oakland. It was a beautiful day so we decided to walk up to 40th Street in Oakland for lunch – Homeroom. A fresh, airy joint specializing in mac and cheese… mmm.

Mac and lots of cheese after the jump >>

Buena Vista Cafe – Irish Coffees

Before I left for my San Francisco trip over Memorial Day weekend, Trish mentioned the Buena Vista Cafe – best Irish coffees, hands down. She even mentioned a story about her trip to the Jameson distillery (in Ireland!) and how the bartender there asked her to compare a true Irish-served Irish coffee with that of Buena Vista’s. Trish said Buena Vista was better. So, I dragged Theresa with me onto the F train. We walked up to the cafe after a leisurely stroll through Fisherman’s Wharf for clam chowder (of course).

The verdict? It was good, but I don’t have much to compare from past experiences. At $9 a cup with all that hype, I would have been extremely disappointed if it wasn’t at least good though.

However, I think a trip to Jameson’s is needed. Theresa – let’s go!

Tartine Bakery’s Bread Pudding – Food Porn Quicky

San Francisco / Mission DistrictChad Robertson was recently featured in Bon Appetit magazine. I think the quick profile on him makes me love him going to Tartine even more. I also love the photo by Martin Schoeller. The bread pudding – just one reason to love him his baked goods. Uh, Tartine’s baked goods.