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A Korean Winter Vacation, Day 1 – Seoul

Taiwan, Taiwan, Taiwan… I’ve been there many times over the years of my life. So, I decided I needed a getaway trip while I was on the other side of the country. What better place to go then a place with friends? Hello, freezing-ass cold Korea!


Well, after we got in, we took the bus and headed up to my friend Matt’s house. Then, got some dinner!

The next day, we started off on our own….

Our first day in Seoul after the jump >>


First Meal in Seoul: Bibimbap – Food Porn Quicky

First day in Seoul? Nothing like some delicious $6 dolsot bibimbap! After we loaded up our luggage at the top of a very steep hill, we came back down for some much desired dinner.

Matt brought us to a fantastic place in Itaewon behind the main street – a local Korean joint. Probably one of the best (and cheapest) meals we had there. It also had my favorite banchan! Tiny dried sweetened stir-fried anchovies (myeollchi-bokkeum; 멸치볶음), bean sprouts, seaweed, kimchi (of course), and some others. All served with our meal and a tofu soup! YUM. My mouth is watering…