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Go Back in Time at Salt Lake City’s Speakeasy, Bodega

Ever since a trip to New York, my friend got me hooked on speakeasies. When there was news that Salt Lake City, itself, had it’s own speakeasy… well, I had to visit.


Bodega is an unassuming hipster taco joint, where “The Rest” is a dimly lit restaurant serving higher end cuisine.

Experience Bodega with us after the jump>>


After Thanksgiving Special at Forage

What better way than to celebrate a giant Thanksgiving meal than another incredibly delicious meal at Forage? Our menu for the night…

Forage meal in photos after the jump >>

A Drunken Holiday Party – Wine Pairing Dinner

What’s a better way to start the four-day Thanksgiving weekend than awesome friends, wine, food and… more wine!?

Call it “holiday spirit,” “Thanks-eve,” or just a good ol’ excuse for celebration — A couple of weeks ago, while prancing about town, Alex and I decided we should do a wine pairing dinner with a few close friends. We split six of us into groups of two to take on a type of wine (red, white, sparkling/dessert) and pair it with at least 2-3 food items. It turned into quite the memorable (or not so memorable to some of us in our drunken stupor) event.

Photos and rundown of our wine pairing dinner >>

Office Potluck: Pumpkin Pie Atop Cheesecake

Last week, we had a Thanksgiving potluck at work. No. No. No. This time, we did not get all buzzed after work and go home then pass out. Honest.

From the hat (or leftover from the pieces of paper I shook about in my hand), I pulled the dessert assignment. Pumpkin pie. Done. Except… Heather doesn’t like pumpkin pie so I needed to be creative.

Surfing recipes, I decide to go with the go-to classic American dessert chef… Paula Deen. I wanted pumpkin pie. And to get it in Heather’s mouth, I disguised it with pumpkin cheesecake. Pumpkin pie atop pumpkin cheesecake! Individual servings — created by the use of a cupcake tin.

Pumpkin pie on top of pumpkin cheesecake step-by-step >>

Super Fast Homemade Ricotta Cheese!

Thanksgiving potluck… ahh, the ultimate feast of the office luncheons. While scouring the web for something pumpkin to impress my fellow co-workers, I found David Lebovitz’s gallery of goods: his recipe collection.

Amongst a sea of candies and sweets, I found a recipe for homemade ricotta! *Cheese is dairy crack!! I love it. It’s over here at Simply Recipes. Who knew it’d be so simple?! It took maybe 2 active minutes to cook ‘er up after work today. See it manifest through photos…

The homemade ricotta cheese process after the jump >>

Turkey Day Down Under

The 2009 ARIA Awards took place on Turkey Day this year. If four days were enough for a vacation to Australia, it’s possible I would’ve spent a partial life savings for a couple of tickets.

Browsing the web…

Okay, it really started as shopping and not so much random browsing. Here’s what happened:

  • Black Friday shopping
  • then… Amazon Black Friday deals
  • then… saw Rent: Filmed Live on Broadway for sale — it has Eden Espinosa from Wicked, which I love ever since seeing it in LA
  • then… search on YouTube for Eden in Rent to see if it was worth buying
  • then… thoughts of “hey, what else is on YouTube?”
  • then… wonders of “hm, what’s Missy Higgins up to now?”
  • then… continue on to below…

*end sidebar*

I came upon the Lisa Mitchell, Kate Miller-Heidke and Sarah Blasko ARIA Award performance. Just wanted to share as all four of these artists (Lisa, Kate, Sarah and Missy Higgins) are awesome:

Sarah Blasko sort of looks like a human butterfly, no? She won for Best Female Artist, by the way.

Check out the rest of the winners at the ARIA site. They also have a Cover Art award, which is totally neat! Do we do that for any of our award shows? Cause, we should…

Oh, I have yet to decide whether I wanted to buy Rent. Hmm…