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TORC #2: Dancin’ in the Car, Spinnin’ in the Six-Disc CD Changer

Track on Repeat Craze #2 (FINALLY!): Cascada – Hold Your Hands Up / from the album Evacuate the Dancefloor.

Actually, the entire CD is AWESOME. It’s like a never-ending dance track pumping the beat in my car. Just listening to the CD makes me happy! Hold Your Hands Up is a bit more ballad-y than the rest of the album. And Natalie (lead singer of Cascada) has such a powerful voice that it commands a listen. If you haven’t heard of them yet, they’re huge across seas — most everywhere, but they are from Germany. Give them a listen!

Spinning in the 6-disc player:
1. Various Artists from Wicked: The MusicalWicked: The Musical
2. The GratesTeeth Lost, Hearts Won
3. CascadaEvacuate the Dancefloor
4. Missy HigginsThe Sound of White
5. Lady AntebellumNeed You Now
6. The GratesGravity Won’t Get You High

PS: Yes, I always have Missy in my player! Did I not mention that I love.. LOVE… her stuff?


Lansia is Listening

Lansia’s Track on Repeat Craze (TORC — because with an acronym, it’ll seem more official): Missy Higgins – (I’m) In Love Again.

I loveeee this song redone by her; it’s an ol’ Cy Coleman track. Can’t stop listening to it. ABSOLUTELY LOVEEEE Missy Higgins. She is AMAZING – singer, songwriter and now actress. Yep, another triple threat celebrity. And she’s Australian!

Spinning in the 6-disc player:
1. Various Artists from Wicked: The MusicalWicked: The Musical
2. Kristinia DeBargeExposed
3. The GratesTeeth Lost, Hearts Won
4. Missy HigginsOn a Clear Night
5. Uh Huh HerCommon Reaction
6. Florence and the MachineLungs

The Grates at Kilby Court: Utah Goes Down Under

Brisbane, Australia’s THE GRATES came to concert this Wednesday at Kilby Court. It was a sparse turnout but Patience, the lead singer, made the event a riot. She was all over the place.

The crowd of 20 was dancin’ by her urgin’ and movin’. She even twirled talent-show-like ribbon (think a long ribbon tied to a wooden baton) throughout the course of a song, with mad skill, might I add. At the wrap, she urged a gal sitting in front of her to do the same. That said gal: definitely not as talented as Patience. Sadly, I captured none of this on digital film.

They are on tour though; check out the mad twirling skills in person if you can! http://www.thegrates.com.