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Sweet Charity! What Did You Say?

Sweet CharityHey! Check out the Pioneer Theatre blog for my latest entry on Sweet Charity, the closing musical of the 2013-2014 season at Pioneer.

And enter to win tickets to see the very cute, whimsical comedy with a lil’ Bob Fosse dancing! I think the chances are pretty good!


Escape from Les Misérables


Quick break from my Belize stufff… I’ve got a new guest blog over at the Pioneer Theatre Company‘s website. Them kids are so darned cute.


A few heart-warming tales from the cast… and some hilarious strongman Valjean poses.

Ghosts of Christmas… Cast

A Christmas Carol - Pioneer Theatre Company. Gerry McIntyre (Ghost of Christmas Present) and Jamie Jackson (Scrooge). Photo by Alexander Weisman.

A Christmas Carol – Gerry McIntyre (Ghost of Christmas Present) and Jamie Jackson (Scrooge). Photo by Alexander Weisman.

I don’t think I ever knew that A Christmas Carol came as a musical. Then again, if you had asked me which film I saw of A Christmas Carol, I would not be able to tell you that either.

The discovery process of my revelation and a few curious ghost stories from the cast can all be found on the new Pioneer Theatre Company blog I posted.

Check it out here:


Before Once on Broadway is a Kyotofu Dinner – Food Porn Quicky

For my trip to NYC, my friend grabbed tickets for us ahead of time to see Once (um, Tony award-winning musical this year!!). It was New York! I had to see a show (or two or three or four, as it turned out). She also recommended Kyotofu for dinner – I didn’t argue.

Curry Rice

Cha Soba Noodles

Yuzu Citrus Tofu Cheesecake

Um, as you can tell, there’s a lot of food there for three people. Let me explain how this dinner went… Our server was fucking awesome. Why? Well, he was also our bartender and catered drinks based on our likes – a virgin margarita (on the house because it was his first virgin creation) and two recommended sake cocktails (I forget what they were…). Oh, it was also happy hour. He also gave us all the kitchen and bar mistakes. This meant – three shots of different sakes, onigiri and the cheesecake. Yeah, definitely going back next time in NYC.

Best first night in NYC dinner ever. And the show? It was good too; it definitely made more sense after I saw the movie though. WAHOOO first night in NYC; what a way to start it off.

NYC East Village Food Binge – Food Porn (Not So) Quicky

Anyone that vacations with me knows that I try to pack as many food highlights as possible… New York City was definitely no exception.

After watching Fuerzabruta at the Daryl Roth Theatre near Union Square, we begun Melani’s downward food spiral. She was eating healthy, proportionate meals at regular times of the day until I came to stay with her in NYC. Muwahahaha.

See our ridiculous food spiral after the jump >>

Laugh with Me: Personal Laughing Stock Moments from the Cast and Crew

Hey, I’ve got a new guest blog over at the Pioneer Theatre Company‘s website. Hilarious play from artistic direction, Charles MoreyLaughing Stock.


Hear personal horror laughing stock moments from the cast and crew – you know, after I had given them a few times to grab some cocktails.

A Racist View of FIND AND SIGN

Check out my racist guest blog for Pioneer Theatre Company‘s production of Find and Sign!


Stereotype each cast member in their music tastes, judge them by their looks – just as I did and then, go watch the world premiere of Wendy MacLeod‘s new play, Find and Sign before it ends January 28, 2012.