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Itinerary Day Two in Belize: Cave Tubing and Zipline

Our first Caves Branch adventurecave tubing and zipline combo! After a relaxing day at the lodge, we were ready to embark on some fun.

Packed with Lisa’s borrowed waterproof camera, we boarded the tractor trailer and held on to the piles of tubes in the middle for our adventure.

A rundown of our cave tubing and ziplining adventure>>


Independent Tubing – Provo River on July 4th

Post-dislocated shoulder only allows me to tube the Provo River! Here’s a recap of the event…

Make sure you got your tube.

More on one-arm tubing after the jump >>

Summer Season in Utah – Weber River Tubing

It’s become quite the annual activity. It’s cheap (depending on how much you drink, I suppose). It’s fun. It’s a whole day’s worth of adventure. It can be done, somewhat, on the fly, even. Last week, June 3, 2012, was our first tubing venture this year: Weber River, Utah.

Photos and video of our Weber River Tubing float after the jump >>

Tubing the Provo River – Utah Summer Fun

Diversity. Big city life. Liquor in grocery stores. And Neiman Marcus. These are just a few things that Utah lacks. However… the great outdoors is where Utah never ceases to flourish! That’s why… summertime is full of fun sun-bathing adventure. Last week’s adventure – river tubing down the Provo River. It was a great way to cool down in our near 100 degree weather.

Tube the Provo River with us after the jump >>

Life Lessons from Tubing the Weber River

A load of new friends and I cruised out to Morgan, Utah this weekend for a fun-in-the-sun river tubing day on the Weber.

Master planner, Holly, made reservations with the Barefoot Tubing company for our group of 14, made sure everyone had a food assignment and went through the checklist of items for every individual to bring. Um, yes, I believe Holly and I would travel well together as we are crazy trip planners — itineraries and all, to fully utilize the trip, of course.

Anyway… after finally arriving at Holly’s (yay construction!), we jetted off to Morgan to begin the adventure.

Tubing life lesson number one:
Tip: When you borrow a friend’s tubes, borrow the life vests as well — even if you don’t think you’d wear it. Barefoot informed us that there were fines given by rangers to those without life vests. We ended up having to rent tube/vest packages for everyone… sad. Although, a few of us did see some boys get fined — so whew!

Tubing life lesson number two:
Always count, recount and count again the number of tubes to people. In fact, after we counted about five times, we still didn’t have the right number of tubes for some reason! Tip: have everyone grab their own tube, make sure everyone is set and then, have each individual put their tube in the car themselves. This way, you are assured there are enough tubes.

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