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Founding Fathers – More Patriotic DC Food Porn

More patriotic eats! While in DC, Michael and I also went to Founding Fathers for lunch. It was only a few blocks from the White House so, yep – we made it part of our touristy-ness.

Devilish eggs for apps – classic.

Since Eataly, I had been on a major fresh pasta craving…

So, I got the the Mac and Cheese: macaroni, hand-made with North Dakota Mills premium hard amber durum wheat flour, peas, apples, Gouda, Gruyere and ham. It was good, but so not the right choice for lunch. It was heavy, but that’s a no-brainer. My own fault.

Michael’s signature Chicken and Waffles looked (and I think I remember tasting it) excellent. The best part? The cute metal syrup tin.

And how could we not finish lunch with some awesome dessert? Red. Velvet. Cake. We just hadda, especially since Michael had me watch a YouTube video of the place featuring that cake before we left his place.

Nom nom nom. Good thing we were walking to the White House and what not, all abouts. Recommended! A bit pricey, but so are most organic, farm to table type places. Next time, I need to try their beverages!


American Eats Tavern in DC – Limited Edition Food Porn

Little did I know that American Eats Tavern was a limited experience from chef José Andrés. Luckily! I was able to grab some eats there during my May trip to DC. Thanks Michael!

American Eats Tavern Photo Dining after the jump >>

Rumba Cafe Brunch – Food Porn Quicky

Rumba Cafe! Adam’s Morgan area in Washington D.C. – the food is good, the mojitos are great, but the service was mediocre. Huevos rancheros, an omelet with fruit and potatoes… and I forget what I had but it was like fried plantains on the bottom with two poached eggs and tomato sauce. Add a side of perfectly crunchy potatoes, sour cream, slice of avocado and diced tomatoes.

Looking at the website now, I also feel like we must’ve went somewhere else… the site portrays an establishment of a completely different nature! Well, we were there for brunch on a Saturday morning (apparently it’s a DC thing: brunch)… but that happy hour sure makes a difference. A $9 mojito versus a $5 happy hour mojito?! Yeesh. Next time, Patrick, I think we need to meet at happy hour rather!