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A Korean Winter Vacation, Day 3 – Army Life Followed by Shopping

The very first thing I booked was our DMZ tour (technically my cousin booked our flights, so yep, very first thing!). Reading through multiple forums on TripAdvisor, I figured it was best to secure our spots on this very popular excursion.

I chose the USO/Koridoor tour from the rave reviews. I also wanted the US military experience. So, was it worth the $80 per person?

A day at the DMZ after the jump >>


Spanish Fork Canyon – Wine and Dine at Fifth Water Hot Springs

Last month, despite the near 100 degree weather, we hit the hot springs.

It was awesome. Wine. Sandwiches. Cherries. Wine. Bag of wine. Good company. Too bad I had to get back to the city for a birthday dinner…

Directions to Fifth Water Hot Springs >>

2AM Departure When Dining at Cafe Madrid

Eight of us (well, seven of us… then joined by Ennlee an hour later *ahem*) played fancy and dined out at Cafe Madrid last Saturday. To our utter surprise, we spent four hours at dinner there. But hey, as maître d’ JC told our table as we arrived, Cafe Madrid is our home; our departure time was not until 2AM! Oh yeah…

Join me at the table as I recount our dining experience >>

Kiler Grove Winegrowers – A Utah First Winery and Tasteroom?!

Yep. I work with some super cool people.

Thursday afternoon = beer o’clock! In efforts to encourage socialization and networking, we have sort of implemented a social break in the day.

First week – spiced and spiked lemonades with lunch at the office.

Second week – wine-tasting at Utah’s first winery: Kiler (kai-ler; not pronounced killer that you would naturally want to do) Grove.

It was awesome. Fun. The gal who poured our wine, Rhea, was a true wine enthusiast. Just two of my co-workers (sorry, Heather), Rhea, a white Trebbiano and three red wines…

A rundown of Kiler Grove’s wines and our tasting after the jump >>

A Drunken Holiday Party – Wine Pairing Dinner

What’s a better way to start the four-day Thanksgiving weekend than awesome friends, wine, food and… more wine!?

Call it “holiday spirit,” “Thanks-eve,” or just a good ol’ excuse for celebration — A couple of weeks ago, while prancing about town, Alex and I decided we should do a wine pairing dinner with a few close friends. We split six of us into groups of two to take on a type of wine (red, white, sparkling/dessert) and pair it with at least 2-3 food items. It turned into quite the memorable (or not so memorable to some of us in our drunken stupor) event.

Photos and rundown of our wine pairing dinner >>

Wine Tasting in Temeculah, CA — Baily and Thornton Wineries

Before the wedding in Fallbrook, we left early in the day to do a bit o’ drinkin’ in nearby Temeculah. It’s a decent 2 hour or so drive from Los Angeles and the wedding started in the early afternoon so we didn’t have much time.

Finally arriving in wine country, we accidentally stumbled upon Baily Winery. Looking for any random winery I could remember by asking the trusty GPS, we passed our proposed location and u-turned at Baily’s. We decided to pull into the winery and check it out.

It turned out to be a delightful surprise… all the wines were fantastic. We did a “5” wine tasting, shared between the two of us. We wanted to pace ourselves for at least another winery and all the drinking ahead of us at the wedding.

Reviews of Baily and Thornton Winery afte the jump >>

Labor Day Champagne Hike and Picnic at Fifth Water Hot Springs

Fall has hit head-on — you can tell with the gaps between temperatures and unpredictable weather. A need for something un-summer-y was in the cards for our group of friends. And what better than a lovely hike through Spanish Fork Canyon and a relaxing bath at the Fifth Water Hot Springs?

Packed with champagne, a (much-needed) backup bottle of V. Sattui Gamay Rouge wine (thanks Michelle! yes, it was just cracked open this week…), grapes, pretzels and a bagful of banh mi sandwiches from Thao Mi Cafe… we were set. We clown-car-stuffed ourselves into My’s new MDX and were on our way towards Spanish Fork. Luckily, the Asians I hung out with… were stereotypically small (I can say that… because I am Asian, right?).

Directions and our trip to Fifth Water Hot Springs near Spanish Fork, Utah >>