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Zion National Park Kicks My Das Boot into Subway

Almost two months ago, I dislocated yet another joint at Zion National Park.

Okay, let me start from the beginning…

It goes like this: last minute lottery permit; decide on Thursday evening to leave Friday after work; set out with friends also willing to be spontaneous; pack up stuff for a couple of technical hikes plus some; get ready for heat and adventure.

Zac grabbed a last minute permit for us to do Das Boot and the famous Subway canyon. Psychedddd – I asked Kent to come since we had a last minute spot. Zac, Lisa, Pat, Kent and myself.

Adventures in the Subway after the jump >>


First Zion National Park Trip, Part II: Orderville Canyon

We first attempted Orderville back in June and July – too much water! However, when we hit it up a couple weeks back – it made for a great hike in the summer heat with some awesome water play.

Check around the web before you attempt this one as the water levels can get quite high. It’ll be good to see what others have experienced and what extra equipment you might need if you can find information from trips just before heading down.

No wet suits, but swimsuits/quick-drying clothing, dry bags and water shoes (with good outdoor adventure socks) are definitely recommended! We also brought rope and a couple of harnesses (plus belay devices and locking biner, of course) for rappelling that we used in a couple of spots: not necessary but helpful.

Coordinate a shuttle or driver as you end up more than 10 miles from the start point – note that the end point is the Temple of Sinawava shuttle stop in Zion National Park and the start point is outside the paid park grounds but you will need a backcountry permit, nevertheless.

Trek and swim with us through Orderville Canyon >>

First Zion National Park Trip, Part I: Echo Canyon

Yet, another first for the summer: Zion National Park!

A last minute trip that resulted in many injuries, but well worth the pain. Let me start from the beginning before I get too far ahead of myself, however.

Our hike through Echo Canyon with water, rappel and all >>