First Moab Trip, Part II: Negro Bill Canyon to Morning Glory Bridge

After our quick U-turn, we drove along the Colorado River (just east of Moab) to the Negro Bill Canyon trail head. We parked our beast van at the lot across from the trail and had a quick lunch before heading out.

On Utah Scenic Byway 128, three miles east of junction with U.S. 191.

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This is a gorgeous moderate hike that takes about four hours round trip. It’s approximately four to six miles (depending on your source) with the highest elevation at around 4300 feet. There is also restroom near the trail head for before you depart.

Watch out for poison ivy throughout parts of the trail. And, hang on to your water bottle! My Nalgene slipped down the ledge, but luckily it wasn’t too far down and with the help of a fellow passerby (I was too short to climb back up!), I was able to get back on the trail. Whew!

The trail is full of scenic wonder, but fairly exposed. Sunscreen!

Although it’s a fairly easy guide, Hikespeak has wonderfully detailed instructions to guide you along the way.

Go all the way to the bridge! You’ll be able to see the bridge about 2/3rds of the way into the hike. I highly suggest you pull through that last bit to the end where you’ll end up underneath Morning Glory Bridge, a natural arch formation. There’s plenty of shade there, making it a great place for lunch or rest. There’s also a small stream that runs along the rocks… ahh, the wondrous sounds of nature. It’s a natural musical soundtrack while you relax!

The bridge is also the last rappel for canyoneers on the Medieval Chamber route. Hang out a bit and you may just see a few canyoneers rappel down. Or maybe you’ll be lucky enough to see a couple of canyoneers stunt rappel down both sides of the bridge.

Beautiful hike! Definitely worth the time. The canyoneering route isn’t a loop (requires a shuttle), but I still want to rappel it! Anyone, anyone? My technical skills and equipment ownership is not up to par.


3 responses to “First Moab Trip, Part II: Negro Bill Canyon to Morning Glory Bridge

  1. Great looking photos. Looks like you enjoyed the hike!

  2. i just did the medieval chamber canyoneering trip in sept. 2010. me and my buddy did the stunt rappel. it was the first time we had ever gone canyoneering or tried a stunt rappel,but we have been rock climbing for a few years so we had a good idea of how to do it.

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